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Hi, we are Paula and Charles, and for the last 12 years, we have been sharing our love of our hometown, Sydney on our destination website, Sydney Expert. In 2019, we launched Australia Your Way to allow us to share our love for the rest of the country and to highlight the best experiences we have while we are exploring. 

We have visited all the major cities around the country and return travel the coast between Brisbane and Melbourne. In recent years we have travelled extensively in South Australia, NSW and Tasmania on extended road trips.

Our goal for Australia Your Way is to:

  • Highlight the diversity of our homeland and the experiences it offers.
  • Help fellow Aussies and international travellers plan their travels with practical advice and insider tips.
  • Encourage slow sustainable travel – stay longer, see more, move less
  • Get you to see beyond the big cities, explore and to discover your Australia Your Way
  • Help small business–by promoting services offered by passionate locals, those sharing their knowledge, their homes or their histories–those personal connections that make travelling so special.
Paula and Charles Australia Your Way

About us

Sydney born Paula Morgan has been blogging in the travel space since 2010. She is a proud digital publisher member of the Australia Society of Travel Writers. Her dedication to the travel community led her to co-found the Sydney chapter of the International Greeter Association in 2014, an organisation which now boasts over 40 volunteer guides ready to share their love of Sydney. With a leadership spirit, she’s served on the boards of both these organisations, roles that have increased her knowledge of both the travel and publishing industries.

Paula’s education has always been about connecting people with information. She has a Bachelor’s in Communication, focusing on Internet Studies, an advanced diploma in Library Science, and a Certificate 4 in Travel and Tourism. She spent over 25 years working with international visitors to Sydney is a variety of roles. A move into full-time travel publishing felt like the next logical step. After raising two great kids, she is now ready to hit the road with Charles full time and travel far and wide.

For the past 20 years, Charles Akkary has been Paula’s right-hand man. He’s not just an award-winning bus driver in Sydney, but also a world traveler in his own right. Born in Australia, he grew up in Brazil, only to return as an adult. Thanks to his diverse background, Charles can effortlessly switch between English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian—and he even knows a bit of French.

Currently, he’s got his eyes set on learning Thai. When he’s not behind the wheel, he’s perfecting his selfie game and trying to get the hang of TikTok. And when it comes to packing for trips? Charles proudly assumes the role of packing maestro, a talent Paula charmingly seems to lack.

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