Long-term airport parking in Australia: Everything you need to know!

Long-term parking at Australian Airports is a convenient and often cost-effective way to leave your car while you’re away. If you’re flying out, you’ll likely need to park your car for at least 24 hours—possibly longer if it’s a weekend or holiday. Luckily, there are plenty of options in and around the airport to park your vehicle safely and securely without breaking the bank. Here’s everything you need to know about long-term parking at Australia’s airports.

How much does it cost for long-term airport parking in Australia?

The price of long-term parking will depend on the airport, location, and the duration you’re parking. Most people find long-term parking cheaper than short-term parking, but that isn’t always the case.

For example, Sydney Airport charges between $100 and $180 weekly for long-term parking in some locations (but closer to $300 at other locations). Meanwhile, Brisbane Airport charges up to $500 per month for long-term parking, depending on location and duration.

australian airport parking
Airport parking can be an expensive part of your holiday if you don’t plan in advance

Are there any alternatives?

If you’re not a fan of long-term airport parking, there are different ways to park your car at the airport. You can book a space on an app like Parkhound or the airport’s dedicated parking operator. Many companies offer this service and provide users with access to their vehicles 24/7. You can even use an app to pay for your stay! We have found this to be less expensive and still conveniently located nearby.

Another option is booking a space situated around the airport. This usually involves making an appointment beforehand, but it will allow you to negotiate rates and terms directly with the owner of that specific lot – which comes in handy if you’re looking for something less expensive than what’s offered online.

Where to find long-term parking at Sydney Airport?

As you can imagine, there are many options for long-term parking at Sydney Airport. If you’re arriving at T2 or T3, your best bet is to park at the SkyPark Long Term Car Park (open 24 hours), Qantas Domestic Car Park or Virgin Domestic Car Park. All three are within walking distance of the terminals and offer secure parking with shuttles running regularly to take you back and forth when needed.

Jet aircraft landing at Sydney, Australia Arrival in the city with the glass airport terminal and reflection of the plane.
Sydney Airport Parking is among the most expensive

If you are heading out on an international flight, your best option is to head to level four (T4) or level six (T6) of the Qantas International Terminal car park, where there’s plenty of space for your vehicle. It’s only a short walk down to terminal one/two levels, where you’ll find check-in desks, baggage claim areas, and all other facilities required throughout a trip!

Where to find long-term parking at Melbourne Airport?

Long-term parking at Melbourne Airport is available in the multi-deck car park. The multi-deck car park has four levels, with 5,000 spaces available. It is located on the ground floor of the short-term car park.

To access long-term parking from outside airport terminals:

  • Drive to Domestic Terminal 1 and make your way toward Ground Transport via Aitken Street (on either side).
  • Turn right at the Ground Transport Centre signpost and follow the road until you reach the short-term parking terminal for arrivals (this building will be on your left).
  • Then walk across a bridge to a multi-level carpark for long-term parking, which will be immediately ahead of you when you leave the Arrivals Building through door number 2 or 3

Where to find long-term parking in Adelaide Airport?

Long-term parking at Adelaide Airport is located on the lower level of the terminal building. You can find it by following the signs for Car Park D, where you will also find buses to shuttle passengers to and from the long-term car park.

The long-term car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are planning on leaving your vehicle parked at Adelaide Airport for more than one night, this is probably where you should park it!

It is operated by Wilson Parking, providing excellent service and value. The cost depends on how many days you need to leave your vehicle; however, they offer discounts if paid in advance via their website – so check that out before booking!

Where to find long-term parking at Brisbane Airport?

When you’re looking for long-term parking at Brisbane Airport, a variety of options are available. You can park your car for up to 3 months, 6 months and 12 months at the airport.

Where to find long-term parking at Perth Airport?

The long-term parking area is on the third floor of the multi-storey car park. It can be accessed from the ground level via a dedicated elevator, and you’ll reach your parking space via a covered walkway. The area has bollards in place to ensure security and easy access control.

Some frequently asked questions about long-term parking

How much does long-term airport parking cost? – Long-term airport parking prices vary from one company or location to another. Some companies offer cheaper rates than others. If you want to get the best deal possible, then make sure that you do some research on different companies before booking anything online!

How long can I leave my car at the airport? – You can leave your car at the airport for as long as 14 days. If you want to keep your car there for longer than that, you need to contact the airport and request a rate extension. If you choose not to pay the higher fee, your vehicle will be towed away within 24 hours.

What is the cheapest parking at the airport? – The cheapest parking at the airport is in the long-term car park. However, this does not mean that it will be the most convenient for you to get to and from your car. The short-term car parks are closer to your terminal but cost more than their long-term cousins. The best way to find out which type of car park is most convenient for you is by checking out maps of each airport’s layout on their website or checking with an agent when paying for your reservation online.

Is airport parking safe? – Airport parking is safe. Many parking operators have measures in place to protect your vehicle and belongings. For example,

Security cameras are installed so that you can see what’s happening at all times.

Security personnel are present 24/7. They should wear a visible name tag and be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

If anything suspicious happens while you’re away, the operator will contact you immediately through the number(s) you provided during signup or when booking online (if applicable).

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