7 Easy walks in Perth You Will LOVE

Got some free time? Why not take one of these easy walks in Perth, they are a great way to see more of the city and get in some exercise at the same time.

Perth is a city of contrasts. Boiling in summer and icy in winter, this city gets more sun than any other capital city in the world. That makes for an incredibly cheerful, colourful city – and it also makes outdoor activities incredibly rewarding. While you’re visiting the city, make sure you get out of the concrete jungle and try some of the best walks in Perth. It’s the ideal way to get fit the fun, easy way!

So, if you’re looking for the best walks around Perth, here are some that you mustn’t miss!

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Law Walk, Kings Park, Perth

The Law Walk in Kings Park is one of the best walks in Perth, simply because it’s in such stunning surroundings. If you want to get your sweat on by the water and in the middle of native Australian bushland, then you absolutely mustn’t miss this track.

walks in Perth Kings Park
While you’re in Kings Park, make sure you take in this view!

Some sights you’ll see along the way include:

  • The heart of Kings Park Botanic Garden.
  • The Swan River.
  • Dryandra Lookout.
  • The Lotterywest Federation Walkway.
  • A range of animals, including dolphins, cockatoos, swans, and other birds.

This is one of the more popular walking trails in Perth, but it isn’t for the fainthearted. Some parts of the trail are fairly steep, and you will need a moderate level of fitness. But it’s worth it to enjoy the gardens, the views over the river, and the amazing biodiversity you’ll see and experience all the way along.

Food options: There’s a kiosk in the park as well as lots of food options nearby.

See this guide of Kings Park for more tips on exploring this wonderful city spot.

Length: 2.5km loop
Start: Karri Pavilion

Matilda Bay Reserve (UWA boat shed)

If you’re looking for one of the easier walks in Perth, the Matilda Bay Reserve Walk is perfect. This easy trail is ideal for kids and walkers of all levels. You can even bring the family dog with you.

Sunset over the Matilda Bay boathouse in the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.
Sunset over the Matilda Bay boathouse in the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

It offers a range of sights and experiences along the way, including:

  • BBQ and picnic facilities.
  • Pelican Point, where you can see these awkward-looking birds in their natural habitat.
  • J.H. Abrams Reserve, a beautiful grassy area.
  • Hackett Drive, with its collection of great restaurants.
  • The Nedlands Bath Marina Jetty.

The best thing about this and other hiking trails in Perth is the bonus surprise at the end. If it’s a warm day, take your swimmers with you and go for a dip off the jetty at Pelican Point.

Food options: You’ll pass by many eating places along the way.

Length: 2.1km loop
Start: The UWA Boat Shed

Bold Park

Bold Park is one of the largest remaining bushland areas on the Swan Coastal Plain and covers 437 hectares of untouched wilderness. It’s also the location of some of the best walks in Perth because of the sheer variety.

Bold Park Perth Walk
By Photographs by Gnangarra Wikimedia.org

There are more than 15kms of walking trails in the park, all of them with their own attractions and lookouts that will give you some very different views over the city.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy in Bold Park:

  • An A-class reserve with over 1000 native and non-native flora, fauna, and fungi.
  • Lots of wildlife, from reptiles to birds and amphibians.
  • Fantastic city and coastal views.
  • Great lookouts, including Reabold Hill Summit Lookout.

You can go on one of these popular hikes around Perth on your own or take a guided tour to learn more about what you’re looking at. Try the Zamia Trail if you’re looking for a longer walk or the Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk for a short walk with stunning views at the end.

Length: 15km of parkland, 5.1km for the Zamia Trail, and .2km for the Reabold Hill Summit Boardwalk.
Start: Varied

Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail, Scarborough

The Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail actually includes three loops that are among the best walks in Perth. They offer beach access and a unique opportunity to take a walk through the Australian bush of the Trigg Bushland Reserve.

Scarborough Beach Perth
Scarborough Beach

Each of these bush walks in Perth is quite different, so choose the one you’re most interested in and enjoy! Here are your choices:

  • The 1.2km Scarborough Coastal Loop, which will take you through the beachfront and is an easy, relaxing hike.
  • The 2.9m Trigg Coastal Loop, which is like a walk back in time to a quieter way of life based around the ocean.
  • And finally, you have the 3.2km Trigg Bushland Reserve Loop, which will let you gawk at birds, spectacular coastal views, and bursts of wildflowers.

Length: 1.2km-3.2km or do the lot!
Start: Scarborough or Trigg Beaches are good starting points

Windan Bridge Loop, East Perth

The Windan Bridge Loop is an easy walk that’s bicycle and family-friendly. That makes it one of the best walks in Perth if you just want to relax and enjoy the outdoors with the family. It also offers stunning views, as well as a good overview of some of the most interesting spots and sights in the city, including: 

  • The banks of the Swan River.
  • Heirisson Island, with its population of curious grey kangaroos.
  • Sophisticated East Perth.
  • The Crown Perth.
  • Optus Stadium and the nearby playgrounds.
  • A variety of wildlife along the way, including river dolphins, fish, birds, and maybe even bull sharks.

If you’re travelling with friends or family with varying tastes, this is one of the best walks around Perth for its sheer variety. You can hang out in the playground with the kids, toss back a glass of wine at the Crown after your walk, or just spend time at one of the local pubs.

Food options: Yes, you’ll be spoiled for choice on this trail.

Length: 6.2km
Start: Crown Perth

Perth Bridges Walk

The Bridges walk is just that – it stretches between the Narrows and Causeway Bridges and offers river views all the way along. Starting at the trendiest area in the city, Elizabeth Quay has new buildings and events taking place all the time.

Walk around Elizabeth Quay  at sunset
Elizabeth Quay sunset is the perfect time to arrive for happy hour!

Along the way, the walk will take you past:

  • Riverside Drive, a historic road built on reclaimed land and home to many interesting Perth events.
  • Barrack Street Jetty, which contains some of the best cafes and restaurants in the city.
  • The South Perth Foreshore, an open green area with the best views possible of the river.

This is one of the best walks in Perth if you’re a city person and don’t like the thought of going too far from modern amenities.

Food options: Make sure you stop by Mister Walker and the Boatshed Restaurant for a delicious meal.

Length: 10km loop
Start: Elizabeth Quay

Heirisson Island

One of the most popular walks in Perth is the walk to Heirisson Island. This is a fairly long walk that you can take in its entirety or start and stop at many places along the way. There are good public transport links to the various destinations on the walk, and it’s an easy, flat trail perfect for walkers of all levels and abilities.

Heirisson Island near Perth
Heirisson Island

Along the way, make sure you spend some time enjoying sights like:

  • Grey kangaroos roaming on Heirisson Island.
  • People-watching in the city areas.
  • Plenty of grassy areas along the way where you can sit, rest your legs, and take in the views.
  • Bird life along the water and on the island.
  • The occasional dolphin in the Swan River.
  • Black swans floating on the river.
  • The statue of the famous Aboriginal warrior, Yagan.

Length: 11.2 km
Start: Elizabeth Quay

The best walks in Perth will take you past interesting sites, through the stark outback, and test your leg muscles. So, the next time you’re in the city, lace up your shoes and work off all that rich food on the best Perth city walks.

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