How to Choose an Awesome Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Tour

If you’re looking for a relaxing day trip from the city of Melbourne, a Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs tour might be just what you need. These award-winning hot springs are located on the Mornington Peninsula, one of the most beautiful parts of Victoria and all only 90 minutes from the city of Melbourne.

While you can drive to the Mornington Peninsula, getting there by public transport is a challenge involving a train, bus and taxi. This is why so many visitors choose a guided Hot Springs tour or shuttle service.

Today we want to get you thinking about what to look for in a hot springs experience. Then we will give you our top picks depending on your budget and the type of experience included.

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What are the Peninsula Hot Springs?

These natural hot springs are true geothermal springs with a high mineral content and all the healing properties that bring. The springs rise from 630 metres below the surface and have an average temperature between 36°C to 42°C.

Geothermal pools were first discovered in Mornington in 1979 and the Peninsula Hot Springs opened in 1997.

A visit to this natural paradise is one of the most relaxing day trips you can take from Melbourne. On arrival, you will find more than 20 pools set in a very natural environment.

Relaxing morning on a Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs Tour
The springs are surrounded by natural bushland

The geothermal properties of the minerals found here, which include magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate chloride and boron can help with things like improving sleep, providing relief from arthritis, reducing stress, and assisting with imbalances in your body. You can check the mineral content of the springs here.

Along with the pools is a range of spa services offered in the Spa Dreaming Centre.

You can:

  • experience the hammam (Morrocan steam room)
  • brave the cold plunge pool
  • unwind in the sauna
  • take a massaging thermal mineral shower
  • stretch your legs on the reflexology walk
  • take in the view from the spring’s highest point the hilltop spring.
  • or just find your favourite pool and soak

Where are the Peninsula Hot Springs

mornington hot springs tour map

Things to know before you visit the Peninsula Hot Springs

  • A visit usually lasts between 2 and 3.5 hours, however, you might want to include other stops in the area, including the gorgeous beaches.
  • Nude bathing is not allowed in the public pools, so please pack your swimwear. Private pools are available for an extra cost and swimwear is optional in these spaces.
  • You can pack a picnic if you are travelling on a budget. Alternatively, there are two cafes, the Spa Dreaming Centre dining room, and a coffee shop.
  • You need to book the springs in advance, particularly if you want to take one of the spa experiences. If you have left things a little late, then a tour can secure a spot that may no longer be available directly.
  • Not all areas are open to children, the Spa Dreaming Centre for example is for 16 years and up. Check details carefully if taking younger children.
 Mornington Peninsula Hotsprings
Credit: Mornington Peninsula Hot springs

The temperature of the pools ranges allowing you to find the perfect one for you. The hottest pool is almost 42°C, and all the hot pools are nestled into nature. Some of the hot pools are surrounded by trees, while one hot pool on top of a hill has a 360-degree view of the region. It’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy spectacular views at the same time.

Why Choose a Peninsula Hot Springs Tour?

Along with being able to get entry to the springs, which often sells out at popular times at short notice, being on a tour allows you to cut the queue with groups having their own entry.

You also don’t have the stress of the Melbourne traffic on the way home after a day spent relaxing and unwinding.

peninsula hot springs transfer 16 1
From the relaxing hilltop pool to the freeway – let someone else do the driving

Tours also include a knowledgeable guide who can provide insights and information about the history of the Mornington Peninsula Region. This makes the experience and the drive more interesting and adds to your understanding of the area.

How to Choose Your Peninsula Hot Springs tour

When it comes to choosing an operator for your Mornington Peninsula experience, there are a few things you should consider to make sure you have an enjoyable and stress-free day.

Here are my tips to help you find the right operator for your visit:

  • Look for inclusions: Before you book your hot springs day tour, make sure you check what is included in the package. Some tours may provide towels, bathrobes, and refreshments, while with others these are optional extras. It’s important to know what you’re paying for so you can decide if it’s worth the price for you.
  • Check the itinerary: See what activities are included. Some tours may include a visit to nearby attractions like the Port Phillip Bay beaches or the area’s highest point, Arthur’s Seat, while others may be solely focused on the hot springs experience. Decide what type of experience you’re looking for and choose accordingly.
  • Read reviews: Reviews can give you an idea of what to expect. Look for mentions of friendly staff, and satisfaction with the overall experience.
  • Consider the group size: The average group size for these days out is about 21. Some tours may have a larger group size, while others may be more intimate. You may want to choose an offering with a smaller group size for a more personalised experience.
  • Check the duration: Some tours may offer a half-day experience at the springs while offers offer a full-day out giving you more time to enjoy the healing waters and see the surrounding region while you are there. Choose one that fits your schedule and allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

You can find the right experience once you have worked through the points above and have a memorable day on Mornington Peninsula.

What stops are usually included on a Peninsula hot springs tour

Aside from the hot springs, people usually visit at the lookout point at Arthur’s Seat and take in the view from either Murray’s lookout or the Eagle Gondola.

There is also almost always a stop at one of the bay beaches, so be sure to have your camera ready. If you are keen to do a little bushwalking before your dip in the hot springs that is an option too!

Our Favourite Peninsula Hot Springs Tours

There are a number of hot springs tours to choose from. We have chosen three quite different options to share with you. We took the first one on this list earlier this month and have chosen the other two as they have good reviews and offer a different experience to the tour we chose, which may suit you better.

Day Tour To Peninsula Hot Springs, Murray’s Lookout + Beach Boxes

Duration: 10 hours | Max group size: 21 | Book this

Explore Australia’s Hot Springs tour departs from Melbourne several times per week with pickups near Spencer Street Station.

If you are looking for a day out that combines relaxing in hot springs, and a little exploration of the Mornington Peninsula’s beaches then this Hot Springs Tour from Melbourne is a good choice.

 Peninsula Hot Springs
Credit: Peninsula Hot Springs

Travelling on 21 seater van, you are picked up from the Mail Exchange Hotel opposite Spencer Street Station. You then take a scenic drive to the Mornington Peninsula before the guide escorts you to the hot springs for your 3-hour visit.

This gives you enough time to visit several pools and have a spa treatment or go to the Turkish baths if you want to. You can also have a bite to eat at one of the food outlets.

Murrays Lookout Mornington 1
View from Murray’s Lookout in the late afternoon

After you have enjoyed the special waters here, you will take a short drive to Murrays Lookout at Arthurs Seat for stunning views of the Mornington Peninsula beaches.

The last stop of the day is a visit to Dromana Beach to see the famous Mornington Peninsula bathing boxes.

Dromana Beach Mornington
Dromana Beach in the afternoon sun

Included in the price is entry to the hot springs and your towel. Bathrobes, lockers and other services can be arranged on arrival.

I have personally taken this tour, and we had a great day out. Our guide, Matt, was super helpful. Highly recommended.

Check the availability and full details of this fun day out with Explore Australia

Mornington Peninsula & Hot Springs Tour Small Group tour with Hide and Seek

Duration: 12 hours | Max group size: 8 | Book this

On this small group Mornington Peninsula & Hot Springs Tour with Hide and Seek, you will share the day with no more than 8 guests. The experience includes a morning stop at Arthur’s seat while you enjoy morning tea with breathtaking views.

Hide and Seek Mornington Peninsula tour
Hide and Seek tours to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs include a bush walk

Then it is time to hit the trail and take a 5km hike to Bushrangers Bay where, if you are lucky you might spot some kangaroos.

With an informative guide, comfortable transport and plenty of variety, this is the perfect day out for those who want to combine their Mornington Peninsula hot springs trip with some time in the Aussie bush.

Peninsula Hot Springs Visit Vic 163801 56

You will spend 2 hours soaking in the thermal mineral pools before heading back to Melbourne.

Check the price and availability of this Hot Spring and hiking experience.

Get Lost Travel Group – Peninsula Hot Springs Express

Duration: 6 hours | Max group size: 23 | Book this

If you are looking for an affordable Peninsula hot springs outing, then these express tours offered in the morning and late afternoon are ideal.

This service takes you to the Peninsula Hot Springs, where you can soak in the thermal mineral waters and relax in the tranquil surroundings.

peninsula hot springs transfer 13
The cave pool is a must visit while you are at the springs

This tour is a great way to relax and discover the beauty and relaxation of Victoria without breaking the bank. With easy online booking and a hassle-free experience, it is perfect for budget-conscious travellers who want to experience the hot springs.

Check the price and availability of this Hot Springs shuttle service.

Overall, these three hot springs tours offer something for everyone, from hiking and wildlife spotting to beach & colourful bathing box visits or a budget-friendly shuttle option.

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